Mickey Moore

Prostate Cancer
Treated by Carl Rossi, MD

The best part of my experience with California Proton was that my PSA went from 16.0 to 0.9 on my second test, and now it is 0.48. The total treatment process took about 45 minutes a day, five days a week. Most of the time was spent checking in and changing clothes. The actual treatment was less than 2 minutes each time for me. (Every person’s treatment is designed for their specific needs, and there are many variables, including number of treatments, strength, wave pattern, duration, etc.) I did feel extra tired, some of which I attributed to having my regular routine disrupted at my age of 82. Although I was there for prostate cancer as were most of the ones in my support group. California Proton treats a wide variety of cancers, including pediatric.

I found the support group to be encouraging and informative. I appreciated the high quality of the treatment and professionalism of all personnel. Additionally, the fact that there was no loss of functionality during the prostate treatment was a positive. Several men had brought their wives or girlfriends and commented that the added physical and emotional support was of great benefit in their battle over the disease.

I feel fortunate to have found California Protons and I am sure your experience will be as positive as mine. I’m about two years out of treatment and my wife and I are still as active as we were before. We’ve moved to a 55+ community and are enjoying all of the activities and making a lot of new friends. I’ve also continued my volunteer work as McGruff the crime dog with the local police department, and am looking forward to my next skydiving trip in a few years dressed as him.



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