Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment Support Services

Supporting Cancer Patients Every Step of the Way

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. Along with highly advanced medical treatment and a dedicated patient care team, being informed helps put many patients at ease and takes away the uncertainty surrounding treatment. We provide support for cancer patients throughout the treatment process. We created our 8-step proton therapy treatment process to walk through every detail from start to finish so that patients and families feel well-informed and confident in the treatment. Many patients also find it comforting to connect with others who can empathize with the inherent anxiety as well as the challenges of researching treatment options. Our patient and concierge services, including our California Protons Champions Program, nutrition services, and therapy dog visits further strengthen these connections as they help bring the community together and create a sense of home.

Our 8-Step Proton Therapy Treatment Process

  1. Initial Inquiry. One of our nurse clinical coordinators will contact you after receiving your medical information, including your diagnosis and health history, to approve treatment and create an official patient medical file.
  2. Insurance Coverage. One of our representatives will gather the necessary information to request insurance authorization for your treatment. Learn more about Proton Therapy cost & coverage.
  3. Medical Consult. During this appointment, your radiation oncologist will review and explain your recommended course of treatment.
  4. CT Simulation (ST-SIM) Appointment. You will go through a “dress rehearsal” with CT imaging and customized immobilization device(s) to prepare you and ensure the equipment is correctly positioned with pinpoint accuracy for treatment. You may be outfitted with a specially designed body mold or mask, or receive semi-permanent body markings (small dots) to help with alignment during treatment.
  5. Treatment Planning. Your radiation oncologist, working with a team of dosimetrists and medical physicists, will create a customized treatment plan, utilizing sophisticated software and technology. The precise and detailed work requires 10 to 14 business days, after which you will receive a call from a radiation therapist to schedule your daily treatments.
  6. Verification Simulation (V-Sim). You will meet with your radiation therapist and team of therapy assistants who will introduce you to your daily setup and validate your positioning and images. While actual treatment time ranges from 1 to 3 minutes, you can expect to be in the treatment room for up to 30 minutes per session. During that time, full two-way video and audio are always on during treatments so you and your care team can communicate throughout the process.
  7. Daily Treatments. Similar to your day one V-Sim session, your radiation therapists will validate your positioning and images before starting your treatment. Your course of treatment can vary depending on type of tumor, size and location. However, most types of cancer, and even non-cancerous conditions, can generally be treated in 5 to 8 weeks.
  8. After Treatment. You will receive final patient discharge papers from your radiation oncology nurse and care team, who will discuss the steps outlined in your complete after-treatment plan. If traveling to our center for follow-up visits or additional tests such as blood work or images is a hardship, you may opt to return to your oncologist or primary care physician for post-treatment monitoring. Several of our past and current patients keep in touch through informal gatherings and our California Protons Connect program.

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Our Patient Support Services

We believe there are many paths to healing and that a holistic approach to health can help. At California Protons, patients can take advantage of many onsite amenities and activities.

California Protons Champion Program

The California Protons community comes together through:

  • Special events and activities held at the Center
  • Walks that support our patients and their diagnosis
  • Our California Protons Champion Program is comprised of former and current proton therapy patients who act as a support system for one another
  • A Facebook page for patients and staff to stay connected at facebook.com/CaliforniaProtons

If you are interested in becoming a California Protons Champion, or would like to connect with patients who have a similar diagnosis as you, please email us at marketing@californiaprotons.com.


Therapy Dog Visits for Cancer Treatment Patients

Visiting with a certified therapy pet can help provide patients and their families with comfort, relief and a distraction from treatment. It has also been shown to reduce stress, improve mood and energy levels, and decrease anxiety.

The Center is pleased to offer visits by a very special therapy dog named Trek.

When: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 10 am for approximately 2 hours

If you see Trek walking through the Center, we hope you’ll take a moment to say ‘hi’ and give him a hug!

Nutrition Services

Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients

Kathryn Holly Mott, RD, ONC, meets with all patients weekly throughout their treatment in order to support their individual dietary and nutrition needs. Additionally, she holds nutrition and cancer support groups on a variety of health related topics. These support groups are open to all patients, and provide an opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge and meet new people. Kathryn takes a progressive approach not only assisting with side effects and food intake during radiation, but also providing recommendations for respective types of cancer and individual needs for long term health.

Learn more about our nutrition services here, along with access to guides on nutrition topics and a selection of healthy recipes.


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