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Our vision is a world without cancer, and every day our team is committed to your fight. By combining some of the most experienced oncologists with revolutionary technology and imaging devices, California Protons Cancer Therapy Center brings the highest level of personalized cancer care to our patients. This can result in strong cure rates, reduced side effects, improved outcomes and a chance for a better tomorrow. If you want to see first-hand, please take a virtual tour of our center. Additionally, we host in-person tours regularly. If you’d like to learn about our next scheduled event, please call us at 858-299-5984.

Our World-Renowned Oncologists
Industry Leaders.
Proton Specialists.


California Protons Cancer Therapy Center partners with many excellent physicians to deliver an unparalleled level of clinical care and expertise to our patients. As one of only two proton therapy centers in California, and a regional provider, California Protons partners with physicians from health systems throughout the state to provide access to those needing proton therapy treatments.

Patient Care Team
Experts in proton therapy.
Passion for patient care.


While proton therapy is a noninvasive and often painless treatment, our patient cancer care team will help you feel as comfortable as possible every step of the way, including during daily treatments, follow-up meetings and progress evaluations.

  • Radiation therapists are trained by the medical physicist team to administer and deliver your daily proton treatment.
  • Medical dosimetrists are responsible for the digital development of your customized treatment plan, which is overseen by the medical physicists.
  • Certified oncology nurses work closely with you, the radiation oncologist and other care team members.
  • Medical physicists specialize in applying physics to medical care, mapping out the shape and intensity of the proton beam to ensure it delivers the exact radiation dose required.
  • Radiation oncologists collaborate with medical physicists to develop personalized treatment plans that are properly tailored for each patient and to ensure each treatment is delivered with the highest possible precision.

Our San Diego Center
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Internationally Recognized.


Located in one of the world’s top medical communities, our center is at the forefront of medical care, research and biotechnology. Our medical experience, patient services, partnerships and cutting-edge facility continue to attract patients from all across the nation as well as around the world.

Collaborations with Affiliate Providers

Our partnerships with the University of California, San Diego, ranked #1 for oncology by the US News & World Report Best Hospitals ranking, and Rady Children’s Hospital, ranked in the top 10 for pediatric specialties, help make proton therapy a reality for patients of all ages.

International Treatment Center

Two-thirds of our patients come from areas outside of the San Diego region. Many travel from as far as Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the UK.

Active Research & Open Clinical Trials

Our team is committed to the continued advancement of cancer treatment and patient care. As a member of the Proton Collaborative Group (PCG), California Protons is participating in multi-institutional research studies to help optimize proton therapy. Our department chiefs and radiation oncologists are also involved in prospective randomized research trials comparing proton and X-ray radiation therapy through our involvement with NRG Oncology, a collaboration research organization of the National Cancer Institute.

Revolutionary Technology

Our center was the first proton therapy facility in the U.S. to place the sought-after pencil beam scanning technology in all five treatment rooms. The pinpoint precision and high-quality imaging, paired with our 360° rotating gantry for finding the ideal treatment angle, strives for reduced radiation exposure to healthy tissues, lower risk of side effects and secondary cancer, and improved quality of life.

Patient Support & Concierge Services

Our concierge service team is dedicated to helping every patient and visitor navigate the proton therapy journey, stay connected and feel welcomed.

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