Randy Grimm

Prostate Cancer
Treated by Carl Rossi, MD

Having reached the age of 75 with regular exercise, reasonable diet and no real medical issues, I was shocked in July 2020 when my annual PSA dramatically increased and I needed an MRI. Since that scan indicated a chance of prostate cancer, I decided to act quickly. Thankfully, a neighbor had shared his experience of successful proton therapy with me in 2012, so I immediately began researching that option.

By the time a biopsy confirmed mine as Stage 2 cancer, I had already discovered that Dr. Carl Rossi … a world-renown pioneer in proton therapy for prostate cancer who has treated more than 10,000 patients in the past 26 years … was at California Protons in San Diego. I also learned they provide the precise state-of-the-art “pencil beam” targeting technology … as well as the revolutionary SpaceOAR gel placement procedure that protects nearby organs.

Since my urologist did not mention proton therapy as an option, I was thankful I already knew about it and decided that was the best solution for me.

When Dr. Rossi accepted me as a patient, it provided complete peace of mind … knowing I would be in the best hands possible and treated with the best technology available. Non-invasive, painless and minimal side effects.

I discovered from day one that the CA Protons staff is highly experienced and professional. Each specialist … from my “angel” radiation nurse Benny … to my proton technicians “Dream Team” of Rene, Ben, Scott and others … all are truly “the best of the best” at what they do! They know you by name and care for you as a friend.

Now, two years after my final treatment, I’ve had four PSA tests. Every one has been “0.10” … as compared to 8.7 before my California Protons treatment schedule began. In addition, I’ve experienced no after-effects and continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Bottom line: Choosing CA Protons was the best decision of my life … and for my life!


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