California Protons Cancer Center FAQs

Experts in proton therapy. Passion for patient care.

Located in San Diego, California Protons Cancer Therapy Center is at the forefront of medical care, research and biotechnology. With decades of combined experience, our doctors are committed to delivering an unparalleled level of clinical care. In fact, they’ve treated nearly 20,000 patients with proton therapy.

What differentiates California Protons Cancer Therapy Center from other cancer treatment centers?

California Protons is one of just two proton treatment centers in the state of California. Our center features the latest third-generation proton equipment, which is among the most advanced technology available – actively scanned pencil beam proton therapy. Our team of physicians is among the most experienced with proton therapy in the world. Many of the center’s physicians were fortunate to have trained at the first proton center in the world which opened in 1990 and have since brought those decades of experience to the most advanced technology.  Because of the excellent outcomes and the increasing numbers of proton centers, the number of cancer patients who choose proton therapy continues to increase each year.

In addition, California Protons has combined all this with full-rotating 360-degree gantries that have Cone-Beam CT volumetric imaging that allows us to align the beam with the tumor – providing extremely high accuracy in addition to high precision.

How are the needs of children addressed at California Protons Cancer Therapy Center?

Our physicians and staff work closely together with Rady Children’s Hospital team members to create specialized treatments to meet the unique needs of pediatric proton therapy patients. At our facility, pediatric patients have a separate entrance, their own treatment rooms, plus attentive team members who work hard to ease the anxieties and fears that many children feel during treatment.

Do I need a physician’s referral to be treated at  California Protons?

Many of our patients come directly to California Protons for treatment. Sometimes a patient’s insurance provider requires a referral for treatment, but California Protons does not require one. However, in the case of Medicare or a PPO, a referral is not required.  The Insurance Team is available to answer questions and help navigate both the insurance and referral pathways.

How many treatment rooms do you have at California Protons Cancer Therapy Center?

California Protons has five treatment rooms and was the first proton clinic in the nation to offer pencil-beam proton technology in all of its treatment rooms. Because of the multiple rooms, we can treat many patients throughout the day, and patients can begin treatment as soon as their treatment plan is complete.

Does California Protons assist patients with accommodations? How about emotional support?

For people traveling from out of town, California Protons is contracted with several local hotels that offer our patients discounts during their stay. Support team members, such as our social worker, help patients and their families locate housing and transportation, find support groups and address any hardships that arise. Our dietitian works with patients to develop a dietary plan to help them feel their best during treatment and coordinates support groups for socialization during treatment. Learn more about planning your visit here.

Where can I get more information about California Protons Cancer Therapy Center?

California Protons has an excellent team of Patient Service Advocates that can answer many questions over the phone. During the COVD19 crisis and Shelter in Place, we are offering telemedicine consultations and appointments via video conference. A waiting list is also available for those interested in taking a physician-led tour of the facility once social distancing protocols are lifted. And, a virtual tour of the Center is available on our website.  For more information, please visit www.californiaprotons.com, or call (858) 433-4886.

How quickly can I get to your center? Do you have a waiting list?

Consultations with a  physician are typically available within 1 week. Because cancer can sometimes move quickly, the evaluation of urgent cases can sometimes be arranged within 24 hours.

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