Nutrition Topics

During proton therapy treatment, our Registered Dietitian discusses a number of topics that can help with general health and nutrition knowledge. Nutrition topics are either covered during support groups or 1:1 with the dietician. Nutrition topics for proton therapy patients include, but are not limited to:

  • Fall Foods – A guide to the very best fall foods – why to eat them and what to do with them!
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants help fight the free radicals which can damage our mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells that keep us young and high-functioning). When we pay particular attention to including antioxidants in our diet, we can help remove and reverse the damage of free radicals and boost our mitochondrial health.
  • Boosting Energy – Eating to boost your metabolism – metabolism is the rate at which we convert calories into energy, which includes how we convert food to fuel, and how efficiently we burn it.
  • Cancer-Fighting Foods – Good nutrition can be vital during and after treatments. Eating certain foods can help your body get rid of toxins, repair, rebuild and replenish.
  • Get Moving – What gets you going? Do you prefer to exercise by yourself or in a group? No matter what floats your boat, it’s important to enjoy physical fitness.
  • Grocery Shopping Tips – Implementing some simple grocery shopping strategies can lead to successful nutrition options at home. Learn some tips that can help you be successful.
  • Hotel Food – Look at the suggested list for healthy, non-refrigerated and refrigerated foods. Stock these in your room for easy, simple meals and snacks.
  • Inflammation – Inflammation is caused by eating too many added sugars, processed, and poor quality foods. Too much inflammation is problematic because it can lead to disease. Read more about what kinds of foods to eat to reduce inflammation.
  • Living Long – In the last few years, life expectancy in the US has dropped and is now hovering around 78 years. However, in other parts of the world, living over age 100 isn’t so uncommon. It is not simply that life expectancy is higher but these centenarians are generally healthy, they are “up and running”.
  • Low Energy? Could it be Adrenal Fatigue? – Did you know that two tiny glands, no bigger than a grape, are responsible for your energy levels, your endurance, and your vitality?
  • Sugarconundrum – We all hear about the importance of limiting added sugars, but what about naturally occurring sugars in fruits and other foods?
  • Tips for Traveling – Stay on track no matter where you are. Even if you are away from home it does not mean that your nutrition has to suffer.
  • Top 10 High Protein Drinks To-Go – High protein drinks can be a valuable tool when you are on the go. Learn which ones can help.
  • Wild Foods – There are some incredible wild foods that can be highly beneficial to your body, especially during a stressful time. These nutrient dense foods are packed with adaptogens, as they’re crucial to helping our bodies adapt to stressful events that come our way, such as a cancer diagnosis.
  • The Benefits of Pumpkin – Learn more about the valuable vitamins and nutrients that pumpkin contains, and get a healthy recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Turmeric Soup.

Information provided by Kathryn Holly Retz, RD

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